Moving Company Volunteers to Clean Up Storm Debris

See what one moving company in Corpus Christi did to help the community. Read the original article here.

As we’ve often seen here in the Coastal Bend, during bad situations the kindness of people often shines through. One local moving company has volunteered to help clear debris from neighborhoods that were hard-hit by the bad weather.

When the crew from American Movers 361 saw all the debris from Friday night’s storm, they took it upon themselves to help.

“We were coming back into town. That’s when we saw a little bit of the destruction on this side of town. I said ‘You know what guys? I’m willing to put in my time. I’m wondering if you’re up for it.’ they all said yes” said company owner Guadalupe Martinez Jr.

As of this morning, American Movers 361 cleared debris from two homes and were moving on to others.

American Movers 361 says they will be taking requests to clean up storm debris as long as they need to. They can be contacted by phone at 361-737-9064 or via their Facebook page.

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